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About Me

Over 25 years experience giving psychic readings + healing on relationships, career + love.

Psychic Readings + Therapy UK

Helping highly sensitive empaths

I am committed to helping you grow, heal + progress.

If you identify as a “highly sensitive person” or “empath”, or if you are an adult child from a dysfunctional family, my personalised support will help you thrive.

International Services

Connect by Zoom

I have worked with people from every continent except Antarctica.

Whatever your situation or needs, you will always be treated with the utmost respect, empathy + understanding.

Your investment in a psychic reading or therapy helps you get the results you want in the shortest amount of time.


What I do

Psychic Readings for immediate insight. Therapy for ongoing support.

Fast + Reliable

Psychic Readings + therapy available on Tuesdays, Thursdays + the weekend.

Easy to Book

Book your Psychic Reading or Therapy Intro Session at the click of a button.


A safe space to share + resolve any concerns + problems. Clear insight.

“The experience has been very reassuring, in moments of doubt. Each time I listen new information is revealed, or something you said has happened. How in the world could you have known all that? …You [still] amaze me and make me feel so at ease.”


“It just shows how incredible you are + the talent you have. In my first readings in 2012/13, you told me that at 37 I would be standing on top of a mountain, asking myself: ‘Did I really achieve this?’. At 37, I retired and paid my mortgage off – I literally felt on top of the world!”

MAY 2022

Psychic Readings by Zoom

Relationship, career + love advice